"The future of the human rights." That's this year's theme during the Conference
in Jönköping in november. Photo: Evelina Rönnbäck


One of many workshops at the conference.
Photo: Evelina Rönnbäck

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The american professor in political science, Cynthia Enloe, talked about the consequences of militarism for womens rights in Malmö 2016.
Seminars about peace and conflicts often take place at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights.
Photo: Sandra Ahlqvist and Evelina Rönnbäck

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The UN whistleblower Anders Kompass took part in seminars about the future for UN during
the Conference 2016. Photo: Violaine Martin UN/CC

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The situation for human rights in the world will be discussed 2017. Photo: Evelina Rönnbäck

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Ramy Essam, artist from the sanctuary city programme in Malmö,
took part in seminars about freedom of expression. Photo: Fredrik Elg

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Reema Nanavaty from Self Employed Women's Association, SEWA, in India talked about the importance
of economic freedom for women. Photo: SEWA

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Professor Guy Standing, author of "The Precariat. The New Dangerous Class" (2011), took part
in seminars about labor insecurity during the Conference in Malmö 2016.
Photo: Stan Jourdan/Flickr CC

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Self Employed Women's Association organize about two million women in the informal sector in India.
Photo: SEWA

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This year’s theme: The future for human rights

The future of human rights. That's this years theme during The Forum for Human Rights in Jönköping the 9th-11th of November. All humans are born free and are equal in dignity and rights. So begins the United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of … Läs mer »

More than 40 seminars will be interpreted to sign language!

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights strives to be an accessible place and we are continuously working to achieve this goal. This year we have more than 40 seminars that will be interpreted to sign language. They cover everything from Agenda 2030 to … Läs mer »

Freedom of expression and the right to culture

"Culture should be part of the society although if there is a war going on", says the syrian artist and photographer Issa Touma in an interview in the Swedish Radio P1 Tuesday the 27th of September. Despite the ongoing violence in Aleppo in Syria he … Läs mer »

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