This year’s theme

The 2018 theme for The Swedish Forum for Human Rights is:

The right to a life free from violence.

To be exposed to violence is an infringement of one’s human rights. To live a life free from violence is a human right. The state has a responsibility to refrain from use of violence towards its citizens but also to protect them from violence from other actors. When violence is used against a person it also has the effect of preventing one from exercising individual human rights. Violence can take many shapes, from direct physical, psychical and sexualized violence to structural violence, economical oppression and neglect of certain groups among other things. The threat of violence also constitutes a challenge for democracy as it can be used to silence and marginalize certain groups in society. Violence is therefore a problem for the society and not only for those that are exposed to it.

During the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, November 15-17, 2018, various aspects of violence as a violation of human rights will be highlighted. For example, the programme can focus on sexualized violence, political violence, structural violence, hate crimes and harassment, online hate and threats, men’s violence towards women, violence in close relationships and violence in conflict zones. The conference will also highlight the structures and background factors that lie behind the violence: who are the perpetrators and who is exposed to violence? How does power dynamics related to gender, ethnicity/whiteness, functionality, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and age affect the probability of being exposed to violence?

The forum also aims to promote discussions on the consequences of violence for the individual and for the society, while also emphasizing solution oriented programs that look towards the future and how violence in all its shapes and forms can be countered and prevented. How would a common effort to create the necessary conditions for a life free from violence look like? How does the state balance its responsibility to refrain from using violence while also protecting its citizens? How does harmful norms about power, dignity and identity change? What can we learn from reconciliation processes in both Sweden and globally for creating a more peaceful world and preventing violence?

At the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Stockholm there will be academics, students, activists, government officials, politicians, business people and people active in civil society, to obtain new knowledge, methods and tools that are useful for respecting, protecting and meeting the demands of human rights.

We now welcome anyone that is interested in being a part of the Swedish Forum for Human rights to send in suggestions/drafts for programs through this form. The deadline to send in programme suggestions is April 1st.