Vaccination certificate will be mandatory at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights

On the 17th of November the Swedish government announced that proof of vaccination will be required for access to public gatherings and public functions from the 1st of December. This means that vaccination certificates will be mandatory for everyone who wants to visit the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, above the age of 18.

Frequently asked questions

What other precautions have you taken?

  • Less common breaks in the schedule to avoid crowding outside the seminar rooms.
  • Markings on the floor as well as signs that will remind our visitors to keep distance.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at several locations and cleaning routines have been increased.
  • The SwedishExhibition & Congress Centre is a Covid-19 certified venue.

We kindly ask you to keep distance to other visitors and staff during the forum and if you are not feeling well, please stay at home.

Can you not take other precautions other than proof of vaccination?
If we were not to ask our visitors for their vaccination certificates we would be forced to comply with other restrictions. This would mean that we would have to limit the amount of visitors and other participants that we have and also limit the amount of people in each seminar room. These types of restrictions are not possible for us to attain with such short notice.

I have bought a ticket but I am not vaccinated, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, please see terms of purchase.

Can I take part in the Swedish Forum for Human Rights without a vaccine certificate?
The program from the Congress hall will be livestreamed on our Facebook page. After the forum you will be able to watch it on our Youtube channel. The program on the Global stage will also be filmed and available to watch afterwards. It is also possible to visit our digital exhibition hall, where you can get in touch with around 70 exhibitors. The livestream and digital exhibitions are free.

Ta del av programmet till Mänskliga Rättighetsdagarna i Göteborg!

Kitimbwa Sabuni, Ulrika Westerlund, Mona Nechma & Paul Hunt är några av de som medverkar på MR-dagarna i Göteborg.

Kitimbwa Sabuni, Ulrika Westerlund, Mona Nechma & Paul Hunt är några av de som medverkar på MR-dagarna i Göteborg.

Idag släpps stora delar av programmet till Mänskliga Rättighetsdagarna i Göteborg. Programmet kommer att belysa det högaktuella temat demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter ur en rad olika perspektiv.

För tredje gången arrangeras Nordens största forum för mänskliga rättigheter i Göteborg på Svenska Mässan. Under rubriken Demokrati + mänskliga rättigheter = sant! kommer över 130 seminarier att arrangeras, så som  ”10 år av arabiska våren: Rättvisa och demokrati i Maghreb?”, Attacken mot kvinnors och hbtqi-personers rättigheter i Polen”, ”Why are human rights needed in a democracy?”, ”Ett demokratiskt dilemma: romers exkludering”, ”Hur kan vi skydda demokratin mot populism?”,  ”Demokrati i pandemins kölvatten” och ”Vill vi ha fler visselblåsare?”.

Bland årets medverkande finns Kitimbwa Sabuni, Utvecklingsledare
Länstyrelsen Stockholm, Jenny Wik-Karlsson, verksamhetschef och förbundsjurist på Svenska samernas riksförbund, Paul Hunt, tidigare FN:s särskilde rapportör för rätten till hälsa, Ulrika Westerlund, tidigare förbundsordförande för RFSL, Elena Namli, professor i teologisk etik, Linde Lindkvist, docent i mänskliga rättigheter, Brit Staktston, mediestrateg och VD för Blank Spot Project, Henry Ascher, professor i folkhälsovetenskap & specialistläkare, Mikołaj Czerwiński, Equal Treatment Coordinator på Amnesty International Polen, Mona Nechma, projektledare på LSU, och många fler!

Du hittar programmet HÄR!

Till och med 8 juli erbjuder vi 10% rabatt på ordinarie priser och hela 20% rabatt om du bokar för en grupp på minst fem personer. Om du bokar senast 8 juli ingår även en biljett till vår digitala plattform från arrangemanget i Uppsala (värde 100kr).

Boka din biljett HÄR!

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Uppsala, goes digital!

At the start of September, the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, along with Ordfront and our partners made the decision to postpone the forum in Uppsala from December 2020 until April 2021. We were hoping that the spread of Covid-19 would not be as extensive at this point in time and that the restrictions would be somewhat lifted.

Unfortunately, we are now seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases again and new restrictions for public gatherings are in place. Under these circumstances it will not be possible to carry out a physical forum in Uppsala in April. Therefore, together with Ordfront and our partners, we have made the decision to make The Swedish Forum for Human Rights, a digital event.

You will still be able to take part in various programs and be able to network with exhibitors and other visitors. You will find both pre-recorded and live seminars, where it will be possible to live-chat with the participants. Our digital platform is still under development and we will update with more information as soon as possible. Because of this, we will put the ticket sales on hold for now, so that you know exactly what will be included in your ticket. If you already bought a ticket, booked a program or exhibition spot, you will get separate information on the terms and conditions.

We are sorry that we will not be able to follow through with the forum in its traditional form. But the digitalization will provide new opportunities to reach an even broader range of people with the important questions that will be discussed at the forum.

We hope that we can continue to create a relevant and vibrant meeting place for human rights together!

Relaunch of the program for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Uppsala!

It is now possible to take part of the updated program for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, which will take place at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress on the 19th-21st of April 2021! On the theme, Human rights – a question of where you live? there will be more than 100 seminars, discussing how the opportunity to exercise your human rights is related to where you live. More than a hundred interesting speakers will also be part of the program. One of them is Leilani Farha, former United Nations special rapporteur on adequate housing and the founder of The Shift.

Leilani Farha

Human rights are universal and the place where you live your life should not determine if your fundamental rights are being fulfilled. Still, it is possible to see major differences in how people’s rights are being respected, protected and realized, depending on where in the world, country or city they live. Why is that, and how can we build societies where everyone can enjoy their human rights regardless of where they live?

One of the most prominent guests at the forum is Leilani Farha, former United Nations special rapporteur on adequate housing and the founder of The Shift, an international movement working to secure the right to housing. Farah is also the key figure in the award winning documentary PUSH by Fredrik Gertten. In the documentary, which explores why housing needs to be a social good rather than a commodity, Farah, among other places, visits Gottsunda in Uppsala.

From the program:

  • Why we need a just transition – for a sustainable planet.
  • Human rights and safety – starting from where you live
  • Land rights – what is the responsibility of investors?
  • Pandemics, disasters and human rights
  • Where you live and who you are determines climate crisis effect

Among the participants you will also find Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets and Housing, Marie Linder, Chairman The tenants’ association, Göran Enander, Governor in Uppsala, Josette Bushell-Mingo, Actor and director, Ola Larsmo, Author and board member PEN International, Elena Namli, Professor of Ethics at the Faculty of Theology at Uppsala University, Olga Person, Chairman Unizon, Elisabeth Dahlin, Ombudsman for children, Hewan Temesghen, General secretary Fairtrade Sweden, Samantha Smith, Director Just Transition Center and many more!

See the entire program HERE!

Safe meetings

We are still hoping that we will be able to meet under somewhat normal circumstances during the spring of 2021. Until then, we are working together with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress to make sure we can offer safe environments where it is possible to meet at a safe distance. We are also looking into the possibility to digitalize parts of the program to make it available for those who cannot attend in person. We continuously follow the development, as well as the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations and restrictions. Since we don’t know how many people we will be allowed to gather in April we have also paused the registration but will open it back up again in the beginning of 2021, when we know more about the circumstances in which the Forum will take place.

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights will be postponed until the 19-21 of April 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic there are many challenges in organizing a big forum, such as the Swedish Forum for Human Rights. Because of this we have decided, along with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, that the Swedish Forum for Human Rights will be postponed until the 19-21 of April 2021.

We are very disappointed to be unable to follow through with this year’s forum as planned, but we are at the same time happy to announce that we have found an alternative solution. We hope that the decision to post pone is taken well in advance, so that everyone is still able to meet under safe circumstances next spring. We apologize for any complications that the change of date might have caused for you as a visitor, organizer or exhibitor. Our goal is to follow through with the forum next year, whilst taking the the circumstances surrounding the pandemic in to count to be able to offer you a safe meeting space.

-We are looking forward to meeting program organizers, exhibitors and visitors next year. The change of date is a challenge to our organization, but we hope that we together with you are going to be able to continue to build this unique meeting place for years to come. A forum like the Swedish Forum for Human Rights is needed now more than ever, says Caroline Matsson, project manager.

A new schedule and current information about programs and exhibitions will be published on  during the fall. Essentially, all the programs and exhibitions that were planned for December 2020 will be moved til April 2021. Purchased tickets are still valid.

The theme for the program, ”Human rights – a matter of where you live?” is still the same, but questions about how the Covid-19 pandemic has effected human rights will also be discussed.

-During the Corona pandemic the need for an universal respect towards human rights has been made visible and in retrospect it will be highly important to continue to spread information about human rights and demand that it should not be dependent on where in the city, country or in the world you live. Going forward we will have to gather strength together, says Caroline Matsson.

What will The Swedish Forum for Human Rights do to ensure safe meetings on the 19-21 of April 2021?
Even though we are hoping to be able to meet under ”normal” circumstances soon, it is likely that there will be regulations regarding big meetings in the time ahead. Therefore we, together with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress and other organizers, are looking in to what we can do in April 2021 to be able to offer an event that is as safe as possible. Governmental recommendations and regulations will be followed which means that some aspects of the forum might look slightly different for recurrent visitors.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Uppsala next year!