Freedom of expression and the right to culture

Issa Touma in his gallery in Aleppo, Syria. Photo: Hagob Vanisian

“Culture should be part of the society although if there is a war going on”, says the syrian artist and photographer Issa Touma in an interview in the Swedish Radio P1 Tuesday the 27th of September. Despite the ongoing violence in Aleppo in Syria he has continued to work with his gallery Le Pont Gallery there, among other things with an annual international photofestival. During The Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Malmö he will take part in the seminar ”Dangerous ideas – freedom of expression and the right to culture.”

Issa Touma lives since 2015 in Gävle and during the Forum writers, artists and musicians will be part of the programme. In this panel they will discuss what it is about art, music and literature that frightens people in power. Participants: Jude Dibia, writer and novelist, Ramy Essam, musician, Issa Touma, artist and gallerist. Moderator: Naeimeh Doostdar Sanaye, journalist and writer.

Dangerous ideas – freedom of expression and the right to culture
Time: Saturday 10.00–11.30 Kuben

The seminar will be held in English and intepreted to sign language.

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