Hbtqi-activist Samuel Opio to the Swedish Forum for Human Rights

Photo: Albert Wiking. Syntax: Samuel Opio is looking straight into the camera.

Hbtqi activist and secretary general of the organization Queer Youth Uganda, Samuel Opio, will attend the Swesih Forum for Human Rights in Jönköping 9-11 November. In Uganda, he lives with a constant fear of threat and violence, but despite that he continues the struggle for human rights.

Homophobia and transphobia are widespread in Uganda and cohabiting sexual acts are criminalized and can be punished with imprisonment. Now Samuel Opio hopes that his participation in the Swedish Forum for Human Ritghts will be able to draw attention to the situation further.

“Hbtqi people can no longer be marginalized and we can no longer hide and allow others to treat us as second-class citizens,” says Samuel Opio, Secretary General of Queer Youth Uganda. The organization is working to promote the situation of Hbtqi youth in the country and work against discrimination.

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