To make the Forum as accessible as possible for everyone we ask you, as organizers and exhibitors, to keep the following in mind. Sticking to these advises is favorable to you as well, since you will be reaching more people. 

Keep track and don’t exceed your appointed time.

Microphones: Speak clearly and always talk into the microphone to make it possible for wireless transmitting of the sound to a hearing aid. For the same reason, always repeat the audience questions into the microphone.

PowerPoint: Read text out loud and describe pictures shown in a PowerPoint, to make sure everyone can follow.

Sign language interpretation: Each organizer is responsible, and accounts for the cost, of potential sign language interpretation.

Ramp: Notify the Secretariat if any of your participants who are going to be on stage needs a ramp.

Scents: Avoid scented perfume, aftershave, deodorant etc. that might cause allergic reactions.

Toilets:  All rooms are adapted for wheelchair users and there is adapted toilets.

Learn more about accessibility in The Swedish Agency for Participation “Checklist for arranging accessible conferences”.

Contact with the Forum’s Secretariat:
+46 (0)72-050 42 52 or