Utställare på MR-dagarna

By having an exhibition at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, you and your organization has the opportunity to communicate your message to thousands of people that are interested and engaged in human rights. At the Forums exhibition square at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress there will be around 80 Civil Society organizations, government agencies and companies presenting their operations and activities. As an exhibitor you will be able to meet politicians, government officials, civil society representatives, students and the interested public as the entry to the exhibition square will be free of charge to visit.

Contact info@mrdagarna.se to book an exhibition at the 2021 Swedish Forum for Human Rights.

Fundamental Principles of Participation in the Swedish Forum for Human Rights
The Forum is an arrangement that disseminates knowledge and knowledge of the principle of equal value and rights of all people based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It takes away all violence and threats of violence and wants to create a safe arena for conversations and discussions.

Racial, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory or illegal messages do not have a place on the Swedish Forum for Human Rights.

The arrangement is also not a place for the dissemination of party political messages or for a state’s unilateral opinion of human rights-situations or violations. Therefore, political parties, embassies or organizations that unilaterally represent a party or a state’s interest in arranging programs or presenting exhibitions are not allowed. We welcome government and political representatives in talks organized by independent organizations, but reserve the right to assume responsibility in these conversations and that the discussion has a rights perspective.

Program organizers, exhibitors or contributors to program points on the Sweidhs Forum for Human Rights are expected to support these basic principles. The Swedish Forum for Human Rights has the right to decline organizers where there is strong suspicion that these principles are not followed or will be followed.

Cancellation: The registration is binding. Cancellation after 1 June is charged with 50 percent of the cost as above.
Cancellation after September 1 is charged with the full fee.
Crew: The exhibition should be manned according to the opening hours of the Swedish Forum for Human Rights. Costs for travel, lodging and other expenses are entirely paid by you and not by the Forum.