Organizers of seminars


The call for proposals closed on the 30th of April, 2021

Practical information for organizers of seminars
Down below you can find practical information on how to organize a seminar at the Forum. For everything to run as smoothly as possible, it is Pleimportant that you read this information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Time and place
The Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Gothenburg takes place on the 6th-7th of December at  Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre.

The proposal process
Deadline for proposals is April 30th. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact

Seminar, 60 minutes                  8 000 SEK

The cost includes:

  • 5 tickets to the Forum (for your seminar panelists & contact person)
  • Marketing of your seminar in the Forum’s printed program web.
  • Seminar Room equipped with microphones, PA, projector, screen and hearing system.

The Forum does not cover costs for participants travel or lodging expenses.

As our contact person you will get your ticket to the Forum for free. This is also the case for the participants in the seminar you are organizing. To get all of your tickets it is important that everyone register. This is done through a link which will be mailed to the contact person well in advance of the Forum. Don’t forget to print your tickets!

The halls are equipped with different technologies and have different capabilities. All rooms are equipped with:

  • Projector and screen
  • Microphones: fixed or handheld microphones
  • Hearing aid: induction loop or infrared hearing system (in rooms with infrared systems, the necessary supplies will be provided by the volunteers)
  • Internet

You will need to provide these things by yourselves:

  • A computer, for PowerPoints etc.

Standard in all rooms is a VGA cable, if you have a Mac or PC with no VGA input, you need to bring an adapter. Show up well ahead of your programme act to have time for testing the equipment, setting up slide shows, movies, etc. Please notify us if you are going to show a movie and we will prepare the room for that.

Send in seminar proposals for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Uppsala:

Keep in mind that the facilities are open to everyone. If you think that any of your speakers have additional security needs contact us and we will make a risk assessment along with the ones responsible for security at Folkets Hus.

The Forum is a collaborative project, therefore it is important that all organizers provide information about the event through their own channels – to get as much spreading as possible. And don’t forget to attract people to your specific arrangement by marketing it through, for instance, social media and newsletters.

  • All organizers of seminars will get a few copies of the printed programme paper sent to them. If you would like extra copies, contact us.
  • At our homepage, it will be possible to view and like each programme act on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to spread the word of your arrangement.
  • If you tweet or post pictures at Instagram during, or on, the Forum, use #mrdagarna.
  • If you send out mails, such as newsletters etc – feel free to refer to our homepage, where the programme paper will be available in PDF.
  • It is important that we, and potential press, have a good way to get in touch with you and the participants of your seminar. Make sure the Secretariat has all your contact information, including cell phone numbers.
  • Notify the Secretariat if you would like to reserve our press room for smaller press conferences, interviews or such.
  • Notify the Secretariat if you switch or add speakers/participants. This enables us to have up-to-date information at our homepage.
  • If you would like different material, please get in contact with the Secretariat and we will try to meet your needs. You can also visit our press page where you’ll find press releases and other information.

Tips on organizing and executing 

  • Prepare all participants well ahead on the subjects and issues that will be dealt with.
  • If you are arranging a panel discussion – make sure you have a moderator who can ask the questions, keep track of time etc. Also ensure that this person is well informed on the subject.
  • If you are having a workshop – arrive early if you would like to change the furnishing or such.
  • Avoid lectures. Dialogues, debates and interactive exercises are more fun for the participants to take part in.
  • Try to involve the audience by giving them a chance to ask questions, take a couple of minutes to allow the participants to discuss an issue in pairs, etc. Encourage meetings!
  • If you are using PowerPoint:  arrive in good time to make sure everything works; don’t show big blocks of texts – stick to keywords and pictures; always have a back-up plan in the unlikely event of the technology breaking down.

To make the Forum as accessible as possible for everyone we ask you to inform all participants of the following:

  • Keep track and don’t exceed your appointed time.
  • Speak clearly and always talk into the microphone to make it possible for wireless transmitting of the sound to a hearing aid.
  • Always repeat the audience questions into the microphone to enable wireless transmitting of the sound to a hearing aid.
  • Read text out loud and describe pictures shown in a PowerPoint, to make sure everyone can follow.
  • Notify the Secretariat if any of your participants who are going to be on stage needs a ramp.
  • Avoid scented perfume, aftershave, deodorant etc. that might cause allergic reactions.

In each room there will be volunteers who can help you with basic technology. The volunteers will also let people in to the hall and make sure that you don’t exceed time. Since there is a lot going on at the Forum, it is important that you don’t exceed the appointed time.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at: or
+46 (0)72-050 42 52