Relaunch of the program for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Uppsala!

It is now possible to take part of the updated program for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, which will take place at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress on the 19th-21st of April 2021! On the theme, Human rights – a question of where you live? there will be more than 100 seminars, discussing how the opportunity to exercise your human rights is related to where you live. More than a hundred interesting speakers will also be part of the program. One of them is Leilani Farha, former United Nations special rapporteur on adequate housing and the founder of The Shift.

Leilani Farha

Human rights are universal and the place where you live your life should not determine if your fundamental rights are being fulfilled. Still, it is possible to see major differences in how people’s rights are being respected, protected and realized, depending on where in the world, country or city they live. Why is that, and how can we build societies where everyone can enjoy their human rights regardless of where they live?

One of the most prominent guests at the forum is Leilani Farha, former United Nations special rapporteur on adequate housing and the founder of The Shift, an international movement working to secure the right to housing. Farah is also the key figure in the award winning documentary PUSH by Fredrik Gertten. In the documentary, which explores why housing needs to be a social good rather than a commodity, Farah, among other places, visits Gottsunda in Uppsala.

From the program:

  • Why we need a just transition – for a sustainable planet.
  • Human rights and safety – starting from where you live
  • Land rights – what is the responsibility of investors?
  • Pandemics, disasters and human rights
  • Where you live and who you are determines climate crisis effect

Among the participants you will also find Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets and Housing, Marie Linder, Chairman The tenants’ association, Göran Enander, Governor in Uppsala, Josette Bushell-Mingo, Actor and director, Ola Larsmo, Author and board member PEN International, Elena Namli, Professor of Ethics at the Faculty of Theology at Uppsala University, Olga Person, Chairman Unizon, Elisabeth Dahlin, Ombudsman for children, Hewan Temesghen, General secretary Fairtrade Sweden, Samantha Smith, Director Just Transition Center and many more!

See the entire program HERE!

Safe meetings

We are still hoping that we will be able to meet under somewhat normal circumstances during the spring of 2021. Until then, we are working together with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress to make sure we can offer safe environments where it is possible to meet at a safe distance. We are also looking into the possibility to digitalize parts of the program to make it available for those who cannot attend in person. We continuously follow the development, as well as the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations and restrictions. Since we don’t know how many people we will be allowed to gather in April we have also paused the registration but will open it back up again in the beginning of 2021, when we know more about the circumstances in which the Forum will take place.

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