Release of this years program!

Among the speakers of the year are Alice Bah Kuhnke, Culture and Democracy Minister, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, UN FD. Special Report on Trafficking, Annika Ben David, MR Ambassador, Hans Corell, UN Secretary-General. Deputy Secretary General for Legal Affairs, Soraya Post, EU Parliamentarian, Hans Linde, Chairman RFSU, Cecilia Wikström, EU Parliamentarian, Edda Manga, Researcher, Debate and Activist, Steven Watt, Attorney at the ACLU Human Rights Program, Mattias Gardell, Religious History and Author, Tobias Hübinette, researcher and debater, and many more. Are you curious about which seminars will take place? Take part of the program here!

On the theme of the year: The future of human rights  
All people are born free and equal in value and rights. So says the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today, when respect for rights decreases and the democratic space is shrinking in many parts of the world, it has become more urgent than ever to gather and reminded that human rights can not be taken for granted, and is something we must constantly defend.

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Jönköping, on November 9-11, will look forward to giving a picture of the future of human rights, but there are also discussions about the contemporary and historical view of human rights. The challenges we face are a responsibility to all of us. It is important to learn more, to speak up, to organize ourselves to implement changes and improvements and demand that respect for human rights should permeate society. Under the heading ‘The future of human rights’, a program of about 200 activities will be launched in the framework of five sub-topics: Human Rights in Sweden – From Word to Action, Human Rights in the World, What are the Human Rights?, Religion, Life View and Human Rights, as well as Equal Rights for All. To work against discrimination.

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Interpretation of image above: A collage of the speakers that are will be present on the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in November.

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