The Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Uppsala, goes digital!

At the start of September, the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, along with Ordfront and our partners made the decision to postpone the forum in Uppsala from December 2020 until April 2021. We were hoping that the spread of Covid-19 would not be as extensive at this point in time and that the restrictions would be somewhat lifted.

Unfortunately, we are now seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases again and new restrictions for public gatherings are in place. Under these circumstances it will not be possible to carry out a physical forum in Uppsala in April. Therefore, together with Ordfront and our partners, we have made the decision to make The Swedish Forum for Human Rights, a digital event.

You will still be able to take part in various programs and be able to network with exhibitors and other visitors. You will find both pre-recorded and live seminars, where it will be possible to live-chat with the participants. Our digital platform is still under development and we will update with more information as soon as possible. Because of this, we will put the ticket sales on hold for now, so that you know exactly what will be included in your ticket. If you already bought a ticket, booked a program or exhibition spot, you will get separate information on the terms and conditions.

We are sorry that we will not be able to follow through with the forum in its traditional form. But the digitalization will provide new opportunities to reach an even broader range of people with the important questions that will be discussed at the forum.

We hope that we can continue to create a relevant and vibrant meeting place for human rights together!

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