The Swedish Forum for Human Rights will be postponed until the 19-21 of April 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic there are many challenges in organizing a big forum, such as the Swedish Forum for Human Rights. Because of this we have decided, along with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, that the Swedish Forum for Human Rights will be postponed until the 19-21 of April 2021.

We are very disappointed to be unable to follow through with this year’s forum as planned, but we are at the same time happy to announce that we have found an alternative solution. We hope that the decision to post pone is taken well in advance, so that everyone is still able to meet under safe circumstances next spring. We apologize for any complications that the change of date might have caused for you as a visitor, organizer or exhibitor. Our goal is to follow through with the forum next year, whilst taking the the circumstances surrounding the pandemic in to count to be able to offer you a safe meeting space.

-We are looking forward to meeting program organizers, exhibitors and visitors next year. The change of date is a challenge to our organization, but we hope that we together with you are going to be able to continue to build this unique meeting place for years to come. A forum like the Swedish Forum for Human Rights is needed now more than ever, says Caroline Matsson, project manager.

A new schedule and current information about programs and exhibitions will be published on  during the fall. Essentially, all the programs and exhibitions that were planned for December 2020 will be moved til April 2021. Purchased tickets are still valid.

The theme for the program, ”Human rights – a matter of where you live?” is still the same, but questions about how the Covid-19 pandemic has effected human rights will also be discussed.

-During the Corona pandemic the need for an universal respect towards human rights has been made visible and in retrospect it will be highly important to continue to spread information about human rights and demand that it should not be dependent on where in the city, country or in the world you live. Going forward we will have to gather strength together, says Caroline Matsson.

What will The Swedish Forum for Human Rights do to ensure safe meetings on the 19-21 of April 2021?
Even though we are hoping to be able to meet under ”normal” circumstances soon, it is likely that there will be regulations regarding big meetings in the time ahead. Therefore we, together with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress and other organizers, are looking in to what we can do in April 2021 to be able to offer an event that is as safe as possible. Governmental recommendations and regulations will be followed which means that some aspects of the forum might look slightly different for recurrent visitors.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Uppsala next year!

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