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Human Rights

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights will take place at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress 3rd-5th of December. The theme for this year´s forum is ”Human Rights – a question of where you live?”. Now you can send in your seminar proposals.

How is the ability to enjoy human rights related to where one lives? Human rights are universal, and your place of birth and where you live should not be a determinant for whether your human rights are fulfilled. Yet, today there are big discrepancies between whether human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled depending on where in the world, in the country or in the city that a person lives. What determines this and how do we build a society where everyone is able to enjoy their human rights?

These questions and many more will be highlighted during this year’s forum, where the theme is ”Human Rights – a question of where you live?” Now you can send in your seminar proposals for the forum.

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