The trade union is a place where you can engage in human rights issues


Human rights are always current. Not least for the trade union. It is a conciditaion according to Vision, which are now a member of Forum for Human Rights partners.
– The right to organize can not be taken for granted. Vision is a fair union. This means that we as a trade union live as we learn and demonstrate opportunities to contribute to several of the UN’s global sustainability goals. The Swedish Forum for Human Rights is an opportunity for us to broaden and deepen our knowledge of Human Rights issues, and to engage in dialogue with the participants on how the trade union can contribute to meeting sustainability goals, says Magnus Andersson, working as International Secretary on Vision.

Magnus Andersson, International Secretary at Vision. Photo by: Vision

What questions about human rights do you think are most important right now?
“It is not easy for everybody to get into the labor market today. Therefore, it is important to create “A Workplace for All”. This means that everyone should be able to be themselves at work, that workplaces will be open to all and that competence will be crucial to the job. At the same time, we continue to strengthen our international development cooperation because we know that union rights around the world are constantly questioned and violated. Climate problems are also high in the list because they are a prerequisite for everything else.

What are you going to do on Human Rights Days in Jönköping?
– Vision will conduct a dialogue with participants on how the trade union can contribute to meeting the UN’s global sustainability goals. We want to contribute concrete results through our work of being a fair union and want to get tips and ideas from different directions. It is important to show that the union is part of the work on sustainability and that members see that their federation is a place where you can engage in Human Rights is, says Magnus Andersson, Vision.

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