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The Swedish Forum for Human Rights 2018, 15-17th of November, Stockholm

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights is the biggest Nordic annual forum for human rights. Every year thousands of participants from non-governmental organizations, businesses and authorities as well as teachers, researchers and students take part in nearly 200 seminars and workshops. On the initiative of the civil society the Forum was created to raise awareness about human rights, ensure the position of human rights on the political agenda and to discuss challenges in the field of human rights. The Forum also strives to enable cooperation between civil society, business and the public sector responsible to protect and implement human rights. The association Ordfront, together with other organisations from civil society, isresonsible for arranging the annual Forum.

The Forum is organized annually in different cities in Sweden to promote the advancement of Human Rights in Sweden and globally.  The Forum is a non-profit cooperation between Bris, DemokratiAkademin, Diakonia, The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights, Friends, Ordfront Association, Ibn Rushd Study Association, The Raoul Wallenberg Institute at Lund University, The Faculty of Social Sciences at Gothenburg University, Sensus Study Association and The Church of Sweden.

This year’s theme: The right to a life free from violence

You can read more about the theme for 2018 here.