Tiny doors about human rights

  – Tiny doors that opens up for big conversations

You can now find tiny doors all around Uppsala, that leads you in to big conversations about how your human rights are respected differently depending on where in the world, country or city you live. Several different organizations have created doors that brings light to a topic that they are passionate about. You can find their doors and texts below. Here you find the map of the doors!

Door 1: The Swedish Forum for Human Rights

Human rights are universal and the place where you live should not be crucial to if your basic rights are fulfilled or not. Still, we see big differences in how people’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled, depending on where they live.

The right to housing is much more than just a roof over your head, it is a basic human right, established in both Swedish law as in international conventions. But is this human right being fulfilled? What challenges does the local society in Uppsala, in Sweden and the rest of the world face when it comes to housing?

At the Swedish Forum for Human Rights on the 19-21st of April, you will be able to join the discussion on what challenges and possibilities we are facing. Together we can create a society where human rights are not a question of where you live.

Door 2: Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Uppsala (ADU)

An equal school for all? With the right to not put up with discrimination and harassment?
Or does it depend on whatminiatyrdörr med texten "skola" på en husfasad school you go to or the area you live in?
If our tiny door led in to a school, a lot of students would not be able to get in nor reach the mailbox to report discrimination or harassments. Discrimination in the school environment is the most common reports Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Uppsala receives. It is often related to ableism but also other things, such as harassment.

You are welcome to watch our seminar at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights to hear more about this topic! Diskriminering i skolan – en fråga om var du bor?”

Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Uppsala, ADU, is one of 18 local organizations that work with giving free advice and support to anyone that has experienced or has questions about discrimination. Learn more at www.antidiskrimineringuppsala.se or 018-661960.

Door 3: Sensus

Sensus collaborates with choirs, bands and culture associations all over Sweden.
The  possibility to partake in culture is a human right, but the possibilities to do so differs from where in the country we live.

How can we create equal opportunities to take part in cultural activities in the whole country? This will be discussed in Sensus seminar on the Swedish Forum for Human Rights on the 20th of April at 09.00, welcome!
Ett annat centrum – rätten till kultur i ett avlångt land



Door 4: Ordfront

The effects of Covid-19 – a question of where you live: In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic it has become clear that some are more affected by the pandemic than others. Anyone can be infected with the virus but who becomes seriously ill depends on that person’s access to information, access to healthcare services and access to the vaccine. Who you are and where you live is a crucial component. There is an international obligation to contribute to that everyone in the world can exercise their rights.

During the spring of 2020, COVAX was founded, a global initiative that would ensure fair distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines. The rich part of the world is estimating that their populations will be vaccinated during the spring of 2021. The 84 poorest countries in the world on the other hand are estimating that their populations will be vaccinated in late 2023, 2024, or not at all. Covid-19 is a virus that can affect anyone, but how badly or long you will be sick depends on where in the world you live.

Do not miss Ordfront’s seminar at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights on the 20th of April, 09:00, “The World post Covid-19 – A poorer place

Doorr 5: SyskonSKAP

I am young, but I become nostalgic every time I look out my window. I live high up. I would call it a castle close tFärgglad miniatyrdör. En person kikar ut genom ett litet fönster bredvid.o the sky, in the same height as the treetops and the tallest pine trees. I live in a house made out of concrete, it is kind of boring on the outside, but when you walk through the main entrance you encounter the opposite.

Colors. Life. Love. Stories.
The smell from spices from all corners of the world come together. All the mothers are watching their own and others kids from the windows. The kids on the playground are laughing like never before. On the lawn dreams of champions league are in the making. Friends on the bench next to it. The sunset behind Gottsunda Centrum, we run fast to buy baklawa before the store closes. I say hi to my friends’ families, take a walk through the neighbourhood in less than an hour. Fruits and nuts from uncles store, there are old potato chips that are long passed the expiration date.

Every time I pass by my window everything comes back to me, stories from people all over the world that are gathered here. They have fled war and sorrow but they fill the neighbourhood with amazing life, love, pride, power and magic. Media might only cover all the bad stuff, but this is my paradise.
Welcome here, welcome home, welcome to Gottsunda!

Door 6: The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights

Millions of people do not live here.

According to the National Board of Health and Welfare, more than 33.000 people all around Sweden are homeless, and according to the United Nations more than 150.000 people worldwide. In Uppsala only, there are more than 1.000 homeless people.

The situation highlights some of the challenges when it comes to implementing the right to housing – a basic human right. The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights door wants to highlight the fact that the housing shortage and homelessness is note inevitable but a consequence of structural economic politics, that can be changed with a political will.

Visit our digital exhibition booth!

Door 7: The Swedish Disability Rights Federation Uppsala Län

The basis for all work at the Swedish Disability Rights Federation is the principle of equal value of all people and everybody´s right to self-determination and full participation in society. Our vision is a society for all, characterized by solidarity, equality and participation. Our goals are based on the UN-convention on the rights for people with disabilities, CRPD. To achieve this, political initiatives are required in many fields; medical care, support services, education and training, labour market policy, physical planning, culture and information.

Visit us at funktionsratt.se , or in our digital exhibition digital exhibition booth at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights. Listen to our seminar Respekt för funktionsrätt – i hela landet? On Tuesday the 20th of April, 10:30-11:30.

We also recommend the seminar  ”Hur kan vi bygga hållbara bostäder utifrån allas behov?”, Wednesday, 21st of April, 10:30-11:30.

Door 8: County Administrative Board of Uppsala

The County Administrative Board of Uppsala is the governments representative in the county and acts to achieveMiniatyrdörr i gult och rött men en blå brevlåda national goals. We work systematically with human rights in our own organization and give our support to other organizations that work with human rights.

The door is painted in the colours of the County Administrative Board of Uppsala and the mailbox in the blue colour that is often associated with The United Nations. On the mailbox is number 25, why? In article 25 in the United Nations declaration on human rights it says that “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services…”

Listen to our seminar Vräkta barnfamiljer och strukturell hemlöshet – vad gör vi?, Wednesday 21st of April, 09:00-10:00

We are also part of the seminar Diskriminering av romer på bostadsmarknaden, Wednesday 21st of April, 10:30-11:30.

Visit us at our website or in our digital exhibition, welcome!

Go on a miniature city tour!
This is a map of the doors in Uppsala, look close to the ground! (Some might have been torn down by the weather).