For Volunteers

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights (MR-dagarna) is the biggest annual forum on Human Rights among the Scandinavian countries. To realize the Forum we need your help – anything from assisting with practical matters to picking up and guiding keynote speakers at arrival.

For this year’s forum we have following criteras to apply:
You should master the Swedish language.
You should be over 18 years old.
Be able to participate in volunteer training before the event in Linköping.
Be able to attend 2 of the event’s 3 days. (Group leaders need to be able to participate 3 or 4 days)
You should be able to sign the Swedish Forums for Human Rights fundamental guidelines, written in Swedish here.

Visual description: Two happy volunteers smiling into the camera. Photo: Evelina Rönnbäck.

When and where?
The Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Uppsala will be held at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress 19th – 21st of April 2021.